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I just finished the book Halo by Alexandra Adornetto. This is what happen.

I wanted to love this book, just fall head over heels for it. I fell in love with the cover the second I saw it and knew that I had to read it. Lucky me, I was able to get my hands on an ARC. It started off interesting enough, I liked Adornetto's attention to detail. I think it was my favorite thing about the whole story.

In Halo, three angels are sent to the sleepy town of Venus Cove to do good deeds and drive off the "Dark Forces". Gabriel the warrior, Ivy is the healer, and the main character is Bethany who acts like nothing more than a teenager throughout the book. This is because she is the most human out of all her brothers and sisters (Ivy and Gabriel) who are sent with her on the mission.

When I started reading, I wasn't sure what I was expecting, a lot of angel do right and angel kick dark force butt. None of that happen until the end. Instead it was more of angel (Bethany) feel sorry for herself, and angel make out with a mortal.
What happens is, Bethany is immediately drawn to Xavier Woods, and as you can guess he is drawn to her. They fall in love immediately something that doesn't feel right to me and ruins everything in the story line because it all seems so unreal. For the rest of the book it is about how much they love each other and Bethany forgets all about the mission because she is so wrapped up in her boyfriend and trying to fit in at her high school. Once all this happens, to me Bethany loses all her character points. Along the line, Xavier does too. For a while he seemed like a believable character like when he says. "I'm a guy, I'll eat anything." or "Poetry is for girls." then it all flushes down the toilet when he goes straight Edward Cullen, all protective and junk. It is not believable.

What happens later in the story line that just brings it all down. When like 300 pages in the villain makes his debut in Venus Cove. Jake Thorn. Then all this "evil stuff" starts happening and they have to figure out how to pin Jake Thorn to them before they can take him out. (It's an angel rule.)

None of the angels even knew it was Jake Thorn until he became Bethany's prom date, and she didn't even get that he wasn't right until he stuck his tongue down her throat and started talking about forever soul mates. The ending was my favorite part because there was finally some action and not; "I love you." (Bethany). and "I love you more." (Xavier). Kissy face (from both of them). yuck.

Would I buy this book, no. This is more of a library checkout in my opinion. Hopefully the sequel, Hades which comes out in 2011 will better. It was a good read and nice addition to the YA shelf. I give it thee out of five stars.

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